Hospice Care Defined

In-home Hospice Care

“Serenity Hospice Care is dedicated to providing compassionate and holistic care for our end of life patients and their loved ones.”

The Mission of Serenity Hospice Care is to provide enhanced comprehensive care to our terminally ill patients and their loved ones.  Serenity Hospice Care will provide that care by focusing on the holistic hospice  approach, touching the physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of our patients.

Serenity Hospice’s will empower our patients and families to direct their end of life care through each stage.   We will  direct that special care by focusing on the ultimate goals of the patient and family.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care utilizing our multidisciplinary team to  provide care in the comfort of each patient’s home,  wherever they choose to reside.

Who is eligible to receive hospice care?
~ Anyone who has a terminal illness, a life expectancy of six months or less, and no longer wants aggressive treatment but wishes for comfort care is eligible for hospice care.

The patient’s physician will write an order for hospice care to begin.

Where is the care provided?
~ Serenity Hospice Care begins wherever the patient resides.  This could be in their private home, assisted living center, or nursing home.